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A car is made up of thousands of unique features, and yet many people still identify their car by its color. When they are telling a neighbor or friend which car is theirs, they don’t define it by the kind of tire, or the covering on the seats, or the horsepower. In fact, many people even choose which car to buy based on the paint color. You might have always purchased the same color car, or you may have been immediately drawn to your vehicle at the dealership because of its color.

That means that the paint job on your car is incredibly important. If it is damaged or worn, it is essential that you get it fixed. This means working with an auto paint shop that can ensure it is done properly so that nobody can tell the difference.

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Why paint needs to be replaced

Your paint can get damaged in a wide variety of ways. You might have scratched your car against a curb, or someone else may have scraped against your vehicle. Hail could have chipped off the paint on the top of your vehicle, or debris could have scratched it during a major windstorm.

While your car is still perfectly drivable with a damaged paint job, it can also say a lot about you as you drive it around town. People judge others based on their car, and a poorly maintained vehicle can reflect poorly on you. You never want people to develop a wrong first impression, so it is important to get paint damage repaired as quickly as possible.

Finding an auto paint shop to repair your vehicle

It can be easy to put off getting your paint repaired because the process of finding someone who can do so can seem overwhelming. You need to call various auto body shops for estimates and figure out whether the repair is something your insurance will cover.

When you work with North Park Collision, we will make fixing your car’s appearance easy. You can show up at North Park any time for a free consultation and estimate, and we will let you know how much it will cost to repair the paint on your car. We value offering low-cost repairs administered to the highest quality.

We take pride in our work, but we’re also proud of our quick turnaround on all of our repairs. In fact, it is one thing that helps us stand out among many San Antonio auto paint shops. We turn around repairs faster than other local collision centers, so that you can get back into your car. If the repair takes more than a day, we make it easy for you to pick up and drop off your rental car right at our location. We know you have a busy life, and we do not want to make it any more difficult than it needs to be.

Professional, affordable paintwork

Quality paintwork is often hard to find because damaged paint must be repaired with a color that is an exact match. We always use the exact paint match, so that nobody can tell that your car is not brand new. When you work with North Park Collision, you can trust that we will use the same paint that your manufacturer did. Before you know it, even you’ll forget that your paint was damaged.

If you’ve had a scratch on your car for years and you have been putting off getting it fixed, you should give us a call. Paintwork is usually inexpensive, but we understand that it is easy to avoid doing necessary aesthetic repairs – even if that one scratch stands out to you like a neon sign every time you see your car.

If you decide to go through your insurance company for repairs, we are happy to do that for you. We understand that navigating the insurance system is often complicated and annoying, just like how you feel when your eye is immediately drawn to the scratch, no matter where it is. Car insurance claims and damaged paints are just a few of those minor annoyances that add stress to your life – but one call to North Park can get it fixed.

At North Park Collision, we provide exceptional car paint scratch repairs quickly, and at a low cost. That scratch can be gone from your life in just a day or two, and you can be once again driving around the car you fell in love with at the dealership. Call us today for an estimate, or drive right in!

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