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San Antonio Minor Collision Repair

Most car accidents are minor. Maybe you scratched the side of your car, or you barely bumped someone else at a red light. Nobody is hurt, but you still must deal with the fallout. Luckily, these kinds of accidents are more annoying than traumatic, but you still need the right team to turn to.

That’s when you should come to North Park Minor Collision. Our body shop is experienced at fixing those minor repairs that are more cosmetic than functional. We understand the appearance of your vehicle is as important as its performance, and we take pride in repairs that help it look just as good as the day that you bought it.

Our Goal: As Good as New

We give the same attention to your tiniest scratch as we do to a major dent in your vehicle. Our body shop focuses on delivering excellent work on every car that comes in, whatever the make or model, and in paying equal attention to each one of our clients.

When you have a minor cosmetic problem with your vehicle; it can sometimes feel like it would be easier to just drive around with a damaged car instead of going through the trouble of getting it fixed. However, it can be embarrassing when you show up to a job interview or a date in a scratched, dented car. First impressions matter and the way you take care of your vehicle can make an impact. Our body shop makes it easy to get those minor fixes handled. Simply call North Park for an estimate, and we will get your vehicle looking as good as new so that nobody can even tell it was damaged in the first place.

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Is the Vehicle Under Warranty?

NoYes, Still Under Warranty

Lifetime Warrianty

Every one of our repairs come with a lifetime warranty and are done with the highest quality possible.

Cheaper Than Deductible

Don’t make your insurance rates go up. Most repairs are cheaper than your deductible.

Rental Car Drop Off

If you are going to be without a car for a few days, we provide rental car drop off right at our location.

Fast Turn Around

Having a vehicle repaired can be a hassle. We work hard to deliver your vehicle in as little as 1-3 days.


You’re Busy; We’re Quick

We know you have plenty to deal with every day. With work, family, and other responsibilities, adding just one more thing to your plate can feel overwhelming. When you get in a small car accident, your first reaction is probably annoyance, followed by feeling overwhelmed. Suddenly, you have to call around and get quotes, figure out how to deal with the insurance company, and deal with having your car out of commission for an uncertain amount of time. At North Park Minor Collision, we do our best to make it quick and simple to get back on the road in a vehicle that looks as good as new.

We are here to help! Our body shop offers free estimates, any time we are open. Give us a call or just swing by. We are happy to look at your car and provide an estimated timeframe and cost. You will get the information you need, without the games. Our clients don’t need to go through the arduous process of getting multiple quotes every time they need a repair. They just come straight to North Park and know they will receive exceptional service from a body shop they can trust.

We Speak Insurance

Most of the time, repairs for minor damage cost less than your insurance deductible. In those cases, many customers decide not to involve their insurance company at all. It is often simpler and more affordable to simply pay for the repairs out of pocket, and it also means that their monthly insurance payment won’t increase.

We also accept insurance, and for those clients who decide to use it, we make the process simple. We are happy to interact directly with your insurance company on your behalf, sorting through all the complicated legalese to figure out exactly what you are entitled to and performing approved repairs.

Get Back on the Road

We understand how difficult being without your car can be. In San Antonio, most people need a car on a daily basis. You may need to get to your job or take your kids to their activities, or even run errands. Our body shop makes it easy to pick up and drop off rental cars right at our location, and we focus on getting your vehicle back to you as quickly as we possibly can.

At North Park, you can count on us to get your vehicle back in your hands in tip-top as quickly as possible. Give us a call today!

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