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San Antonio Body Shop & Major Collision

We spend hours driving every week – commuting, running errands, shuttling kids across town, going on road trips. Most of those miles are uneventful, just listening to the radio and checking the gas gauge. You might find driving to be fun, or relaxing, or just a chore. It’s a time to think about your day, make plans, and enjoy the limited responsibilities.

But then, suddenly, there’s a crash. You are jolted back to reality. You have been t-boned going through an intersection, or hit from behind at a red light, or hit by someone taking an illegal left turn. Your airbags engage, and you feel your fight or flight reaction kick into gear; but, you cannot do either.

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Breathe, help is on the way

In the moments after a major collision, you are probably shaking. If there’s anyone else in the car, your first step will be to make sure they are okay. Once you’ve checked on the safety of yourself and anyone else involved in the accident, hopefully, you are able to begin breathing normally and thinking through next steps.

You will need to speak with anyone else involved in the accident and exchange insurance information – but remember not to admit guilt at this point. Take pictures of your car and theirs for your records, and exchange contact and insurance information. If your vehicle can still drive, then you can get back on the road. If the accident was extreme, you might need to call a tow truck and tell them which auto body shop to tow your car to.

The answer to that question should always be North Park Collision. You can count on our team to get your car back as good as new. If your vehicle is repairable, we can fix it, and we will make it easy.

Serious help for serious collisions

From the moment you arrive at North Park Collision , you will know that you are in good hands. Our auto body shop staff will welcome you by making it easy for you to get back to your life – we partner with rental car companies so that it is simple for you to pick up a rental and drop it off at our auto body shop once we have finished your repairs. We know that your life is busy and you need transportation. That is why we focus on keeping you moving even while your car is under our expert care.

At North Park, we can handle a variety of bodywork damages. Major collisions mean major damage, and you want to go to a body shop that you can count on to fix your vehicle correctly. We have years of experience serving the drivers of San Antonio, and we service cars of any make or model.

Insurance spoken here

We make it easy for you to work by working with your insurance company. If you have been in a major collision, your car probably needs a lot of work to get it back in tip-top shape, and that work is going to be expensive. We always charge a fair and reasonable price for all the work we do, but when a car needs a lot done, that is always going to be expensive. Because of that expense, you will probably want to go through your car insurance to pay for those costs.

However, as everyone knows, navigating the insurance system can be incredibly complicated, and a major annoyance in the best of times. You have to spend endless time on hold, and determine how to communicate to your agent to get the maximum benefits. At our auto body repair center, we take all of that off of your plate. We are happy to talk directly with your insurance company for you so that you do not need to worry about that process.

We serve you

We want to help you get back to driving. As soon as you arrive, you will know what to expect as far as cost – our estimates are always free. We’ll also stay in contact with you throughout the repair process so that you always know what’s going on and when you can expect to get your car back on the road.

We take pride in making the repair process as easy as possible for our clients so that you never need to stress out about getting your car fixed. A major collision is never a pleasant ordeal, but we want to keep your stress to a minimum. If you need help repairing your vehicle, give us a call today or drive right over.

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